Print sizes available and prices

Although I have not produced this webpage with the intention of selling my photographs, I have been approached by several people who have wanted to purchase copies.

I can produce high quality prints up to 13 x 19 in (330 x 483 mm). Prints over 10 x 8 in will be sent by mail  in a reinforced cardboard tube.

I can also provide on-line images with my logo removed. Prices to be determined depending upon whether  required for personal or commercial use.

Please contact me for pricing and other requirements, 

Thank you


                                                           IMPORTANT NOTE

By purchasing a print you are buying a work of art for the purpose of decoration. You may re-sell the print as a copyright protected work of art, but you may not copy the image in any way, nor publish the images or grant licenses to third parties for reproduction. You become the owner of the print, but not the owner of the copyright of the image. By buying a print you will agree to abide by Canadian copyright law.

All photographs on this site are copyright to Paul Ellis